Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chopped Buffalo Chicken Salad

I have been on a sort of "salad kick" lately... trying to eat a bit more healthy and also trying to re-create the "tastes" I crave (that are typically un-healthy) and transform them into a lower calorie version.   Last night I had all the ingredients for a salad-- plus chicken breast and some leftover buffalo wing sauce from when I had made Buffalo Chicken Dip.  PERFECT... I'll make a Buffalo Chicken Salad!!

Chopped Buffalo Chicken Salad
makes approx 3 servings

  • (2) Small Chicken Breasts, trimmed (if the breast is large I usually cut it in half for (2) servings)
  • (1) Cup Buffalo Wing Sauce
  • 2 Tbs Brown Sugar
  • (2) Hearts of Romaine Lettuce
  • Handful of fresh Baby Spinach (or any other kind of lettuce)
  • (1) Large Carrot
  • (1) Celery Stalk
  • (1) Green Onion
  • (1) Medium Tomato
  • Handful of Tortilla Chips
  • 1/2 Cup Cheddar Cheese
  • 1/4 Cup Ranch Salad Dressing
  1. Place chicken, wing sauce and brown sugar in saute pan.  Cook over medium heat, turning chicken frequently til cooked through (approx 15 minutes).
  2. While chicken is cooking, prep the salad.  Wash all veggies (lettuce, carrot, celery, green onion, tomato).  Peel carrot.   Place Lettuce and spinach in large bowl and chop with Pampered Chef Salad Choppers. (if you don't have them you can chop lettuce on a cutting board with a knife.)  Using a grater, grate the carrot & celery into the lettuce.   Dice the tomato and green onion and add to the bowl.  Crush the tortilla chips in your hands and add to the bowl.   Add the cheddar cheese and Ranch Dressing.   Mix Well.
  3. Cut the chicken into small pieces and add back to the saute pan and toss in the sauce.
  4. Place Lettuce mixture in salad bowls and top with chicken.
  5. Enjoy!


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