Sunday, May 23, 2010

Okay...I have been talking about it so here it is!

I absolutely LOVE to cook. To me...spending my whole day standing in the kitchen making different recipes is therapeutic and fun! Husband Andrew is a "meat and potatoes" kinda guy so he is a really good sport putting up with my constant urge to try a new recipe. I'm not quite sure why I have an aversion to making the same thing twice... but I do!

I get most of my recipes from Southern Living Magazine, The Food Network and Taste of Home Magazines I buy at the grocery store checkout. :-)

I always talk about the recipes I make and people want "copies" of them so I decided... why not start a blog so everyone can just access this for the recipes they want!!? My goal with this blog is to share with everyone the recipes that Andrew went back for seconds on... and of course the ones that I think are delish! As I make new recipes I will post them and give feedback on what we thought. Most of the ones I make are "work all day long and come home to cook" friendly recipes which don't take tooo long and don't require to many ingredients or pots & pans!

Enjoy the recipes...



  1. Melissa,
    What a great idea! I love it! The recipes look delicious! Smart! Smart!

  2. The fabulous green beans - wow - MN farmers market will have them in soon. Thank you!!!!