Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Where have I been??

To say that I have been a complete SLACKER keeping up with my blog posts is an understatement- and I apologize for that!  I will say that slacking on the blog is partially because The Test Kitchen has ALSO been slacking!!  

It's funny how your priorities change so quickly after having a baby--- when I get home from work now, instead of coming up with some extravagant meal to eat for dinner I just want to hang with my boy and soak up every second of quality time instead of slaving away in the kitchen!   I am perfectly happy eating a bowl of Cheerios or Chips & Salsa for dinner these days... and my poor Hubs has had tostitos scoops with melted cheese and salsa or a PB&J more nights than I can count on all my fingers and toes in the past couple of months I hate to admit...

But wouldn't you much rather hang out with THIS BOY than cook in the kitchen??

In an attempt to "meal plan" better the Hubs built me a chalkboard in the kitchen-- and I have to say that the weeks we actually write our schedule and menu on it, we eat-- and we eat well!  The weeks we don't write on it-- we don't eat!  WOOPS!  

Lately- our 10 month old has been really enjoying finger foods-- so my time in the kitchen has been dedicated to dicing up every fruit and vegetable imaginable for him, making mini muffins, meatballs ect ect... for the little man-- and by the time he is done with his dinner, I am DONE standing in the kitchen-- thank you Dominos and Pizzettas for delivering to our house and thank you Rucker Johns for the dinner "pick up" lane!!!

I will say that all of the Freezer Cooking I did pre-baby has really helped out because we are down to about 4-5 meals now which is AMAZING they lasted that long!!
Here are the links to my past Freezer Cooking Posts:
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So my question to YOU my readers-- now that you have hopefully accepted my "slacker" apology-- what recipes do you want to see on the blog?   Quick & Easy, Crockpot, Freezer Cooking, Baby Finger Foods???

Let me know-- and I will try to get back on the cooking bandwagon!

In the meantime-- I think I am going to do a post on the "Freezer Cooking/Prepping" I did for baby this past weekend-- stay tuned!!



  1. I'm searching for some good recipes that would work well for freezer cooking then to crockpot for pork chops. Thanks

    1. Try out this post! Any of the sauces will work on pork chops =)