Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Test Kitchen of Emily Meier

My little sis recently got married and moved to NYC!
She has been doing all the "wifely" things like cooking and laundry etc and I get daily text messages/phone calls from her asking questions which I love since I have almost 5 years under my belt and of course that makes me an expert (NOT!).  

Some of the stories of her adventures in the Big City about grocery shopping and her cooking adventures are hilarious.  After a long text message last night of her many mishaps over the course of the day I told her she needed to write a blog about it because it was very entertaining!

My sis has her own Test Kitchen of sorts because she tries all kinds of new recipes out on her hubs that he loves!  Maybe we can convince her to do a guest blog post here because she has told me about a couple of recipes that sound amazing like a Garlic Shrimp Pasta and Cajun Chicken Pasta... Let's see if we can get her to share these recipes with us!!

Check out her blog post The Test Kitchen of Emily Meier to read about some of her fun adventures in cooking!  Leave her a comment and maybe she will agree to do a guest blog post on here with one of her delicious recipes she has been making!


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